Don't Let Your Warranty Run Out

Request an 11-month warranty inspection in Loveland, CO

Most house manufacturers offer a one-year warranty. Mile High Home Inspection, LLC can check on the condition of your home before your warranty runs out. Thanks to our 11-month warranty inspection, you can alert your manufacturer to any repairs or updates you need.

MHHI can save you the headache of needing repairs down the road by inspecting your home now before your warranty expires.

Call us today to schedule your 11-month warranty inspection in Loveland, CO.

Don't void your warranty. Call our 11-month warranty inspector.

By choose a knowledgeable 11-month warranty inspector from our company, you give your builders a second chance to right their wrongs. We know what to look for, down to the small details that other warranty inspectors might miss.

We'll look at everything top to bottom. During our four-hour inspection, we'll compile an easy-to-read report that will be ready for you within 24 hours.

Contact us today to reach an 11-month warranty inspector in Loveland, CO.