Scrutinize the Important Parts of Your Home

Assess your home with a 5-point inspection in Loveland, CO

Your home inspector from Mile High Home Inspection, LLC won't miss a thing. During our 5-point inspection, we'll look into all the essential aspects of your home's structure and stability.

Unlike lengthier home inspections, this process is only two hours and costs a flat fee of $200. It's more affordable than our standard inspection but still covers the most important bases.

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Learn our 5-point home inspection process

There could be a problem lurking in your home that you know nothing about. We'll complete a 5-point home inspection that looks into every at-risk area of your house. We'll leave no stone unturned during your inspection.

We'll look into the main five points of your house:

  1. Roof - flashing, shingles and roof deck
  2. Structure - foundation and load-bearing walls
  3. Plumbing - pipes and fixtures
  4. Electrical - wiring and electrical panels
  5. HVAC - air conditioning and heating units

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