Analyze the Important Parts of Your Home

Assess your home with a 5-point inspection in Loveland & Fort Collins, CO

Your home inspector from Mile High Home Inspection, LLC won't miss a thing. During our 5-Point Home Inspection, we'll look into the 5 major big ticket items of your home that make up its structure, stability and safety.

Unlike the lengthier full home inspections that we offer, this process takes about half the time and costs about half as much. It's more affordable than our other inspections but still covers the most important bases.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from a 5-Point Home Inspection in Loveland or Fort Collins, CO.

Learn more about our 5-Point Home Inspection process

There could be a problem lurking in your home that you know nothing about. Our Certified Master Inspector will complete a 5-Point Inspection that looks into the 5 major components/systems of your house.

MHHI will look into the following 5 major areas of your home:

  1. Roof - flashing, shingles and roof deck
  2. Structure - foundation and load-bearing walls
  3. Plumbing - pipes, fixtures, water heater
  4. Electrical - wiring and electrical panels
  5. HVAC - heating, ventilation, air-conditioning units

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